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About PVC Floor Coating

PVC floor coating is produced by rolls with the standard of EN 14904. It is certificated by International Sports Federation and İSO 9001, also, it is anti-bacterial. CLP system is used on products. CLP system; consist of making application easier and improving the durability of the wear layer, cross-linked polymer bond.

•Aerobic Salons
•Basketball Courts
•Indoor Soccer Fields
•Handball Fields
•Volleyball Fields
•Yoga Centers

Heterogeneous is composed of 3 layers; these are upper layers, the color layer reinforced with glass wool and pattern layer, bottom PVC is foam layer. These layers are laminated by using special lamination techniques. These layers are flexible, unbreakable and splinter proof. It is Stain-resistant and resistant to chemicals according to EN 423. Alternative choices become easier due to rich colors in design.

There is no solvent in productions; because of the materials that includes in solvent are dangerous for human health in various types. Consistently human who are expose to certain solvents may occurs long-term effect on their health. For example, inflammation of the skin, eczema formation (when organic solvent in contact with skin), some solvents damaging brain, kidney and liver. In addition, many solvents have a capability of flammable, volatile and easily evaporation to their toxic to environment or explosive gas mixtures.

In heterogeneous PVC floor coating PVC level is the maximum, surface reinforced with polymer. After the application for cleaning and maintenance polish etc. no need for chemical preservatives. For the daily maintenance warm water and detergent is enough.