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About Polyurethane

What is Polyurethane Floor Coating ?
The upper layer is formed from 2 mm thick polyurethane elastomers will constitute with pore sealer primer application SBR rubber which sub layer thickness is 8 – 10 mm.
Sub matt paint with polyurethane is finished based on sport system. Application that has required should be done by qualified personnel.
Does not include supplement and has a long life.
The ball is bouncing back %96 and does not constitute an inverse vibration. Application of this system is economical and safe.

Application For Polyurethane Floor Coating
Burnished strong concrete floor by helicopter application surface might be smooth, streak, no difference in elevation, not blasting.
If there are elevation differences on concrete strong floor, it can resolved by self leveling After preparing the suitable temperature and desire smoothness on the floor that will be apply SBR rubber, 1-3mm caliber SBR rubber granules mixing polyurethane adhesive rate of %18 – 20 applied on the floor.
The Polyurethane in adhesive mixture is determining by freezing time calculation according to ambient temperature, moisture and size of surface.
After SBR rubber applied on floor is covered by double component pore paste and after drying the paste obtained smooth surface by grinding.
After that, self leveling polyurethane material applies on floor.
The liquid polyurethane is dries depending on appropriate temperature.
After drying the polyurethane, the entire floor is painted with matt paint, because polyurethane has a gloss surface.
After the drying, lines drawn for basketball, volleyball or special game lines with line paints for games.

Polyurethane Floor Coating Uses
Because of its sterile and high strength, polyurethane floor coatings are using in indoor gym, basketball, volleyball, tennis courts, gym, wrestling and other parlor games, office and different stores that include different occupational groups. .