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Tiles Rubber Floor Coating

With the property of shock-absorbing and flexible, this product can help to prevent injury in case of fall in children’ play areas and other areas. Compared to sand and other playground materials, it is more clean and hygienic. After rain or with water cleaning can be made. With the knockdown property, repair and maintenance can be performed very easy. When used in walking areas created ease of walking. Thanks to energy absorption and comfort, the production is recommended for use in walking area.

•Playground area
•Fitness area
•Walking paths
•School gardens
•Recreation areas
•The pool edge
•Bicycle paths

•GNG Sport 40×40 cm – 50×50 cm – 100×100 cm Rubber Tile Floor and Single Tile/ PUZZLE/ HEXAGON in the figures.
•20mm–30mm–40mm sizes are available.
•Prevents slipping on wet and curved surfaces, Incorrodible, Provided Isolation.
•Reduce the impact of falling, prevents injuries.
•It is not affected by excluding acid factors and seasonal changes.
•It is completely environmentalist.
•There is sound and heat insulation against moisture and external factors.