Multipurpose Multisport Flooring Coatingı
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  • Multipurpose Multisport

Product detail and the projects carried out

Multipurpose Multisport

•The area which will covering during the construction phase should be cleaned with pressurized water and air compressor.
• Primer (0,200GR/M2) will be implemented on the clean area.
• After receiving coating cure chosen PU BINDER (prepolymer) according to climate with connected special 1,0 – 3,0 mm in a diameter of SBR granules by the help of special machines and all laying fields should be 8mm thickness to produce aesthetic layer.
•After curing this floor for upper layer 1,0 – 3,5 mm in diameter EPDM granules paving operations will begin with a special machine.
•The connection for EPDM granules, import PU BİNDER (prerolymer) density should be 1,09 g/ cm³ and viscosity should not be low than 2000 ± 500 m Pas..
• On this layer weight should be 100 br, for EPDM 20 br binder will be used.
• Total thickness should be 15 mm.
• EPDM materials used in the manufacture, import, in the range of 1-3,3 mm granular diameter, tensile strength >7,0 N/mm², Elongation> 650%, Hardness, Shore A 62, Ozone Resistance will 200PPHM.
• Synthetic coating will be made accordingly German Standards (DIN-18035/6) or the other national standards by manufacturer companies .
•Manufacturing should be documented by DIN or other national standards.